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RFID technology

The technology at the heart of the IoT

Keeping track of assets is a major challenge in any industry – whether that is items of equipment, components or raw materials or the finished goods. While a computer can provide a list of assets and say where they ought to be, it cannot know their whereabouts in the real world.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) offers a way to electronically identify and track items, which makes it easy to collect information about them, how they are used and whether they need attention. For this reason RFID technology at the heart of the Internet of Things (IoT).

As data from RFID tags can be collected automatically and from a distance away, it makes it easy to automate processes that depend on manual data entry, reduce costs and develop new ways of working.

In these pages you can find out more about RFID and its applications, and how CoreRFID can help you harness the technology to benefit your own business.

What is RFID?

RFID has the potential to transform business and working practices. In this section you can read more about the technology, its features and benefits, the different types of RFID and how it differs from barcodes.

RFID technology issues

While RFID is a tried and tested technology, interference from other signals can sometimes be an issue which is why it is important to use a specialist such as CoreRFID. Learn more about technology issues in this section.

RFID tracking

RFID can be used to track different types of assets, from goods on a production line to tools and IT equipment. Find out more about RFID and other tracking technologies, and the factors you need to consider.

RFID applications

RFID is used across different industries and for different applications including manufacturing, asset management, warehousing and distribution, and lifting and safety inspection. Learn more about how it is used in practice.

Specialists in RFID technology

CoreRFID is a software company that specialises in developing solutions that incorporate RFID, NFC, barcodes and similar technologies. Our asset management and inspection systems are used by companies worldwide and our CheckedOK solution is a market leader in the lifting and safety inspection industry.

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