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RFID & Business

Key technologies linking systems and things

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is the technology at the heart of the so-called “Internet of Things”.

RFID presents businesses with exciting opportunities to create systems which link automatically to the world around them.

What’s it for?

RFID and NFC offer ways to electronically identify people, places and things. Computer systems can know the whereabouts of things in the real world, collecting information about where they are, how they are used and whether they need attention.



RFID technology reduces the costs of information collection and improves its accuracy. They can help to automate processes that today depend on pencil and paper or manual data entry.

RFID is easy to apply. It is often used in preference to barcoding, with the benefits of automatic reading, and collecting information at a distance, without being able to see the RFID tags or labels.

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Will it fit my business?

RFID is used in everything from managing safety to controlling manufacturing processes, from identifying pets and livestock to providing “smart” tickets for events and journeys.

Any business that needs to track assets, identify people or locations or improve safety or accountability will have applications where RFID can help.

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How can CoreRFID help?

CoreRFID is a specialist in RFID. We provide the technologies that make RFID (and its sister technology NFC) systems a practical proposition. We develop software. We implement, maintain and mange systems on behalf of our customers.

Most important of all we share our experience, helping our customers succeed with their installations.




RFID makes it possible to create new ways of working. It can change working practices, improve regulatory compliance and reduce the asset costs of businesses. Selecting the right components and establishing a best-in-class approach needs knowledge and experience. CoreRFID has been working in this field for over 20 years, making us the ideal partner for all RFID projects.

In this part of our site, you can learn about what RFID is, you can find out about some of the issues that are important when implementing RFID and you can discover the capabilities of the technology.