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RFID Tracking & Tags


Types of RFID

Different RFID tracking technologies provide users with different capabilities and a range of cost choices. CoreRFID can help select the most relevant type of RFID for the requirements in your business.


RFID Readers

There are many RFID readers available with different capabilities and we help customers choose the best equipment depending on individual requirements. Readers are almost always dedicated to a particular frequency range (see RFID Types) so the choice of tags and readers goes together.



There is a very wide range of different types of tags available for different applications: such as read only or re-writeable, or tags designed to cope with certain physical environments such as vibration, moisture or chemical exposure. Our expertise enables us to work with clients to recommend the tags best suited to specific business requirements.


Custom Tag Development

Many applications use standard tags but sometimes organisations require something special. Some clients require completely customised housing for their tags or data adding before they can be used. Some clients may require tags to be printed with their company logo.  We work with our customers on a wide range of projects to deliver to their specific requirements.


Battery Assisted Passive Tags

If you need greater read distances or quicker response times than can be achieved with ordinary RFID tags, the answer may be in battery assisted passive tags.