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Types of RFID

There are several RFID technology types available, each offering different capabilities. CoreRFID’s expertise means that we are best placed to help you select the most relevant RFID types for your business.

We are happy to discuss your requirements with you (just contact us), but the table below gives an overview of the main alternative RFID types.

LF & HF Passive RFID
Low Frequency and High Frequency passive tags have a low cost of implementation but relatively short read ranges of a few centimeters or less. NFC is a particular standard related to HF tags.
UHF Passive RFID
Ultra High Frequency passive tags and reader/writer devices are more expensive and the tags are generally larger but offer read ranges typically of up to 10 metres.
Semi-PassiveThese systems have battery-assisted tags that activate their on-board power when a reader is detected. More expensive than passive tags, semi-passive tags offer much greater read ranges but are larger, more expensive and have a limited (several years) life.
Active RFID
Active tags are similar to semi-passive tags in having on-board batteries. Active tags can announce their presence sometimes to existing network hardware rather than relying on a reader to trigger them. More expensive than other approaches and not as well standardised, active RFID is usually used for real-time location applications.
Hybrid RFIDNew classes of RFID tags are beginning to emerge, combining RFID data transmission and reception with on-tag sensing mechanisms that can identify temperature changes or movement for example.