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RFID technology issues

Troubleshooting and technical issues

Whether you are trying to resolve a technical problem, or you want to learn more about RFID standards and technology, this section is for you.


RFID & the internet of things (IoT)

IoT has the potential to radically change the way in which we engage with technology. RFID is at the heart of the IoT, yet is a tried and tested technology that already offers cost-effective solutions for even the smallest businesses.

RFID Technology Issues

RFID & interference

RFID is a proven technology but sometimes problems can arise due to interference from other wireless systems, environmental factors, the design of the system or choice of hardware. Read our guide to interference and the six ways to avoid it.

RFID Technology Issues

RFID standards

One of the most important factors driving the uptake of RFID in industry has been the increase in standardisation, ensuring that different products are compatible and making it easier to integrate with other systems. Learn more about standards.


NFC – Near Field Communication

Near Field Communication has the potential to become the standard for RFID-based consumer applications. Although it has been around for a while, it is supported by a growing number of devices. But what is it?