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RFID & The Internet of Things

One of the most important ideas driving the take up of RFID technology in business applications is the concept of the so-called “Internet of Things”.

istock_000019239419xsmallBecause RFID allows things to be identified by computer systems, it enables applications to become “thing aware”.

As a result, RFID is one of the key technologies that the Internet of Things depends on.

Adding RFID tags to part assembled goods, pallets and stillages, or finished items can speed manufacturing, logistics and service operations. Applications tracking assets can make a wide range of business activities more efficient. RFID tags can be used to tell applications what things are, where things are, if things have moved, who moved them or used them.

Connecting up the things a business works with to its computer applications can revolutionise its operations and, sometimes, even the products it offers.

Stillage handling helped by RFID
RFID tagged stillages help BMW Mini manage manufacturing in their Oxford plant.

Wide ranging claims are made for the capabilities of systems based on these ideas but we believe that practical Internet of Things applications can deliver real business benefits now.

Gaining those benefits depends on having a vision of how the Internet of Things might help a business, and having a clear understanding of just how much the technology can (and can’t!) do.

That’s why we are keen to help businesses understand what’s involved and how they could take advantage of it.

IoT GraphicThis infographic explains just how important this idea is, the factors driving it and the ways that business can start exploring the potential.

Just click on the picture on the right for a bigger version.

For a more detailed view, click here to download our white paper which provides some examples and identifies some of the key suppliers and key standards to watch, as well as useful links to more information. Or use the download button on the right of this page.

We know that deciding just how to apply these ideas to business may need help.

For more information on the Internet of Things or to discuss your ideas for an application with one of our experts, please contact us.

Download our Internet of Things White Paper:

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