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Introduction to RFID

Technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID) and near field communication (NFC) present businesses with exciting opportunities to create systems which link automatically to the world around them. Read more about what is RFID.

RFID in Healthcare

Benefits of RFID

Establishing a business case for the use of RFID technology depends on identifying the relevant business benefits that will result from its deployment. Understand more about how it could help your business.

Privacy of RFID Systems

Barcoding & RFID

RFID and barcodes have a somewhat similar function in terms of asset management but which is the better solution? Our short guide provides an overview of the advantages of RFID over barcoding.


Choosing the right RFID

Making the right choices can be challenging. With so many technologies, standards and formats, the range of options open to users is very wide indeed. We’ve gathered together some of the key questions to ask yourself before choosing your technology.