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What is RFID?

Technology with the potential to transform business

Radio frequency identification (RFID) provides a way to locate and track individual items and collect data about them. It is the technology at the heart of the internet of things (IOT), and has made it possible to design systems that link automatically to the world around them and create new ways of working.


Features of RFID

RFID has a number of unique features that set it apart from other technologies. Our short guide will help you understand its capabilities and why it is an ideal choice for such a wide range of applications.

RFID in Healthcare

Benefits of RFID

From reducing order times to improving health and safety, RFID technology offers many different benefits for businesses. Find out more about how it could be deployed in your company.


Choosing the right RFID

RFID covers a wide range of products and formats, so there are options available to suit different applications and environments. Here is what you need to consider when choosing a system.

Privacy of RFID Systems

Barcodes vs RFID

Both RFID and barcodes have similar functions – but while RFID tends to be more expensive, it offers some advantages. Understand the differences and what questions to ask before making a decision.