Mobile Solutions

Our software can be used to help implement asset management and maintenance inspections.

Use our system to conduct audits on your assets; ranging from IT equipment to tools in a manufacturing process.

Ensure your products are of the required quality standard, at every stage of the process.

Control complex operations, ensuring the movement of products and asset is tracked effectively.



Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) place duties on people and companies who own, operate or have control over lifting equipment. LOLER requires that all equipment used for lifting is fit for purpose, appropriate for the task, suitably marked and, in many cases, subject to statutory periodic 'thorough examination'.

VP Services

VP Services & Hire Station offer tool hire, safety equipment, and specialist equipment for the construction industry. With almost a hundred trading centres, VP service both local and national customers across all UK mainland locations. Our CheckedOK system means they can easily conduct inspections on equipment, and determine if they are adhering to LOLER requirements in accordance with the guidelines of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA).

Over 14 million Reports have been generated using Checked since it was first developed, giving users and their clients improved information.



Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) requires that equipment provided at work is suitable for intended use, safe for use and is maintained in a safe condition and inspected to ensure it is correctly installed.


Costain helps to improve people’s lives by deploying technology-based engineering solutions to meet urgent national needs across the UK’s energy, water and transportation infrastructures. CoreRFID have worked with Costain since 2009, providing them with an RFID asset tagging system that enables them to meet with PUWER regulatory requirements.

CheckedOK has users in four continents; Europe, Asia, Australasia and North America.



Service Inspection is often done to ensure safety standards are met and that hazards or risks spotted are corrected in a timely manner. Our software can be easily adapted to suit service inspections on a range of assets.

Street CraneXpress

SCX – Street CraneXpress provide users with a full range of mechanical handling services from installation of bespoke lifting equipment through to servicing and repair. When Street CraneXpress wanted to extend the technology support to their crane servicing operations they turned to CoreRFID’s and their CheckedOK inspection and certification system

CheckedOK can share data with 3rd party customers making it attractive in Distribution, Logistics, Facilities Management and Healthcare.



Any workplace can experience breakdowns. Any failure can damage a business and needs to be fixed promptly. Our software simplifies the process of examining the failing asset, helping ensure it is up and running again as soon as possible.

Walter Watson

Walter Watson, is Ireland’s leading manufacturer of overhead cranes. Introducing our CheckedOK inspection system has helped them improve the management of lifting inspection, maintenance and safety operations provided to their clients. CheckedOK replaced old pen and paper methods, to greatly improve the inspection process, whilst adhering to their own internal and external regulatory and safety requirements.

CoreRFID has implemented the system in 13 Languages, including German, French and Czech as well as English!


Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring is keeping track of the status of equipment so as to identify significant changes that could indicate a developing fault.

Weir Minerals

Weir Minerals are an industry leader in the manufacturing, supply and maintenance of pumps and valves for the mining and minerals industry. In order to help improve maintenance inspections, Weir turned to CoreRFID and their inspection system, CheckedOK.

CheckedOK is proven to reduce the risk of accidents, through recognising equipment failures and planning their repair in the system.



Our Inspection software is suitable for conducting Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS) ensuring you and your customers minimise the risk of potential accidents and harm and can demonstrate that safety procedures have been followed.


ESB Networks Ltd. handles the construction, operation and maintenance of the electricity network in Ireland. It manages the network, providing services to all electricity customers in the Republic of Ireland. Maintaining safety and managing assets are important parts of the ESB Networks business. To help improve the processes used, ESB chose CoreRFID and the CheckedOK inspection system.



Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is an analysis technique used to evaluate the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage to it. Our solutions help manage NDT, record results and prompt follow up.

London Underground

London Underground serves approximately 4.8 million passengers a day. To ensure the escalators on the London Underground system continue to operate safely and reliably, London Underground operates a carefully managed NDT and maintenance routine. But, with over 30,000 individual escalator steps across the network, the challenge of ensuring that each step is tested, repaired when faulty, and then monitored when it is returned to use is a formidable one. To solve the problem, London Underground turned to RFID technology. To help them deliver their project they chose CoreRFID.


Audits help organisations to accomplish their objectives through disciplined review and evaluation systems. Our CheckedOK system implements the analytical processes that let users evaluate and improve risk management, control and governance processes.

Mobile RFID solutions can detect tags using hand-held readers, Android, Apple or Windows tablets and other devices. CoreRFID specialises in mobile RFID applications and the systems that collect and analyse their data.

Quality Assurance



Without RFID


Preventing mistakes or defects is vital for many organisations, whether in manufacturing, healthcare or service industries. Avoiding problems when delivering products or services to customers may just be ‘good service’ or a matter of life and death. Our CheckedOK system can facilitate safety tests, giving you piece of mind that assets are safe, products and services are defect free and ready for your customers.

Mobile RFID solutions can detect tags using hand-held readers, Android, Apple or Windows tablets and other devices. CoreRFID specialises in mobile RFID applications and the systems that collect and analyse their data.


Often, organisations need to implement complex operations requiring a high level of organisation and planning. Our systems for logistics companies help track the movement of specific assets or products effectively. They ensure that tracking is carried out in a controlled and safe manner, giving you stress free logistical operations and your customers peace of mind that products or services are available when they expect.

CheckedOK Automates your Inspection Routine

Automated Solutions

Our automated systems control processes ensuring the need for human intervention is kept to a minimum.


Production Line

In manufacturing, keeping track of items being produced is often vital but tracking tools and tooling on a production line can be important too. Our RFID solutions can help save time, reduce costs and reduce the risk of errors for both.

MX Group

MX provide their customers with a complete showering solution. They manufacture and supply shower products to the highest quality standards, through innovation, excellence of service and value. They came to CoreRFID to help track their shower trays on their production line. We came up with a bespoke system which enabled MX to do this, whilst maintain safety and improving efficiency.

CheckedOK can share data with 3rd party customers making it attractive in Distribution, Logistics, Facilities Management and Healthcare.



Implementing an RFID tracking system on gantries can be helpful in tracking assets and products. By installing an RFID reader on a gantry, and tagging items with RFID tags, the movements of the tags and the tagged item can be monitored. Data on movements can feed to backend ,CoreRFID-provided, systems to allow users to meet proof of despatch, accountability checks, or theft prevention objectives.


Ocado are the world’s largest dedicated online grocery retailer. Ocado wanted a system to automate the in-and-out process of vans coming to their distribution centre. Ocado consulted CoreRFID on this. CoreRFID's solution was to instal RFID Labels on the vans, supplemented with carefully positioned, fixed-point readers on the entrance point to the centre.

CoreRFID has implemented the system in 13 Languages, including German, French and Czech as well as English!


Doorway / Floor / Ceiling

RFID systems can be used to identify people passing through a doorway. By installing an RFID Reader or antenna into the doorway, floor or ceiling, the movements of employees can be monitored. Employees with an RFID tag passing through the door provide time- stamped, identification and location data that can be fed into backend systems for tracking and analysis.

Bovis Lend Lease

Bovis Lendlease are a leading international property and infrastructure group with operations in Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Their vision is to create the best places; places that inspire and enrich the lives of people around the world. We have helped them improve the Facilities Management for their client, Royal Calderdale Hospital, through innovative RFID solutions.

CheckedOK is proven to reduce the risk of accidents, through recognizing equipment failures and planning their repair in the system.


Gateway / Barrier

RFID Gateways and Portal applications keep track of goods on the move, locating them to sites or checking their movement around buildings. RFID readers, with appropriate antennas mounted at a doorway can record every tag that passes through it.


Esterform packaging is the UK’s largest independent converter of PET. They produce injection moulded PET preforms, and stretch blow moulded PET containers and offer an extensive range of standard products. We have helped Esterform to track their plastic sticker pallets, improving the efficiency of their business processes.

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