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The CheckedOK story: the inspection software that became a market leader

CheckedOK is the market leader for safety and maintenance inspection systems in the Europe, Australia and many other countries – yet its origins date back to Ireland in 2009.

The system was initially designed in response to the challenges faced by Hoistech, Ireland’s leading manufacturer of custom made solutions for materials handling, lifting gear and construction plant.

Hoistech wanted a standard way of working across their customer base in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The solution needed to be a web-based service and allow their customers instant access to inspection reports and certification.

CoreRFID developed the CheckedOK solution to enable Hoistech to streamline its operations and deliver a better service. It helps users transform their businesses by offering quicker and more accurate reporting through a web based service. Certification and reports – using data collected on-site through RFID readers – can be generated within 24 hours. Info from the onsite inspections can be downloaded to office-based databases within a matter of minutes.

Other lifting companies followed Hoistech’s lead. Among the early adopters was Dublin-based Chains, which introduced CheckedOK to support its lifting and certification business.

Prolift Handling introduced the system to support over 10,000 assets, benefiting from the flexibility it allowed in developing alternative inspection questionnaires.
ESB Networks adopted it to support inspections across the electricity supply network.
WH Scott Engineering, a company established for over 120 years, introduced the system to support the services delivered through their Belfast, Wexford, Dublin and Plymouth offices, including implementing the system with ATEX compatible explosion-proof RFID tags for use in off-shore installations.
WH Scott in County Antrim introduced the system in 2015. Walter Watson in County Down, Northern Ireland, introduced it to support the service operations spanning their own crane installations.

Most recently, King Mechanical Services in Galway, Brandon Agencies a specialist in safety when working at height, SafeCert in Cavan, Martec NI Ltd in County Tyrone and Anderco Lifting in Cork have all decided to invest in the system.

CheckedOK’s success in Ireland – it has now generated over 4 million inspection reports – was mirrored in England and other countries around the world and ten years on, it is a market leader in its field.

Many companies have been using the system for years including the first customer Hoistech which now uses CheckedOK to support over 300,000 assets for 5,000 clients. The system is regularly updated to adapt to new working practices and changes in safety legislation.

Munzir Ali, technical director at CoreRFID comments: ‘CheckedOK is often selected ahead of systems with apparently lower initial costs because it is a flexible system, is easy to implement and use by engineers and back-office staff. The result is that it all helps users to increase productivity and win more clients.’

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